About Transit for Cobb

Cobb county is the third most populous county in the state of Georgia, and the second most dense, yet Cobb lacks any high-capacity transit service. With limited bus service from Cobb Linc and GRTA, Cobb county is woefully undeserved for its size, population, and economic position. This has already started impacting not only the quality of life for the county, but the long-range economic outlook as well.

This website is intended to educate the citizens of Cobb as to what expanding transit in the county could look like, and what options are available to the county. It is the collective effort of a coalition of various grass roots and locally-lead organizations looking to improve transit in the county.

As such, everything in this website should be read with the understanding that there is a lot of work to be done, and that the final plan may look nothing like what is discussed here. Everything here is written in an unofficial capacity.

Even so, we hope to leave y’all with the ideas and inspiration needed to bring world-class transit to Cobb County.

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